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It is a prevalent idea that there is no second chance for non-believers who die without coming to Christ in this life. In an earlier post, I argued the traditional view of Hell does not stand to logical reasoning and interpretation of Scripture. In this post I would like to challenge readers to answer 3 questions. These questions I believe will challenge the idea that there is no chance at salvation other than accepting Christ in this life.

  1. Revelations clearly states, that the non-believers will be resurrected after 1000 year millennium (Revelation 20:5). Then who are the books opened for to see if their names are in the book of life? For believers have already been changed and given their new bodies (1 Corinthians 15:52). If the believers have already been given their reward, it must be the non-believers that are being searched for in the book of life.
  2. Why the second resurrection at all? If the believers have their reward and non believers are in hell? Why have the second resurrection at all?
  3. If the majority of the people who have ever lived are in hell, then how is God to become “All in all”? (1 Corinthians 15:28).

I believe the only solution to these questions is simply this. Non-believers will be raised and given the opportunity to make one last choice after the millennium.