Can someone PLEASE help me? I seemed to have missed the memo. Can anyone please tell me which sins Jesus died for? I wasn’t aware of any division or hierarchy of transgressions. When did homosexuality become worse than any other sin?

I am sorry for the sarcastic opening, folks. When I saw the above picture posted on Facebook, I realized that The Church has given off that exact perception. It seems we have made it out that homosexuality is the sin which is destroying the fabric of the world and society in general. Where on earth or heaven did we ever get such an ideal?

Perhaps, The Church has  taken on the ideology of the scribes and the pharisees. After all didn’t they ask the disciples, “”Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” (Matt 9:11)? Oh right, The Church would never take such a stance. Yet, it has with homosexuality. Steve Austin expresses it clearly, we show more love and forgiveness towards those who have committed rapes and murders than those who are gay.

Before I go any further, let me answer an accusation right now. I DO NOT condone same-sex marriages. I would NEVER officiate one. However, I will not act as if their sin is any worse than my drug addiction was. I will not pretend that their indiscretions are somehow more vile than a liar. I will not treat them as anything other than a person in need of God’s love. Jesus died for all sins. To imply that some sins are worse than others is to imply that Jesus’ sacrifice is not sufficient for all sins. If that is the case, someone please inform me which sins are not covered, because my salvation is in jeopardy.

Homosexuals will always be welcome to come to our church services. Our doors, will be open to those who smell of sex and drugs. There is nothing anyone can do that the love of Christ cannot reach. We are the vessels of that love and we should be exemplifying it to the world because they are sinners.

Some may say, I am denying Jesus. Some may say I have not separated myself from the world. That’s okay. If I am to be called a friend of sinners than I am in great company. They accused Jesus of the same thing; and I will proudly bear that accusation.