In the dark, cold, and silent blackness of eternity-past, there were three gender-less beings. Each being was self-existent, self-aware, carrying life intrinsically unto themselves. They were beings of light and darkness fled from them.

These three beings coexisted in love and service to  towards one another. Indeed, there was no malice or deceit to be found in them. As they communed with one another, their absolute wills deferred to the others, in a manner so complete it was impossible to distinguish between them. Not one of the beings deserved such deferment; it was a union of grace. This, however did not remover their individuality. No! It enhanced it. Each being was well suited to fulfill the needs of the others by the individual personalities.

One being was authoritative in nature, not as monarch toward subjects. Nay! He was rather like a well respected patriarch benevolently giving orders to serve the interests of the family. One was like a doting son, eager to please a beloved father in all he does. The last was like a trusted family friend who is willing to do whatever is necessary to aid those who have his respect and affection.

For indeterminable period of moments, these beings existed in companionship, each fully satisfied by the others. The were in need of nothing. They were all in all; the Father in the Son; the Son in the Father; the Friend in both; and They in Him. They were not merely unified; They were one.

Then, a moment came in those vast endless moments they spent together. A thought emerged. It is unknown with whom it originated. It was a thought so fantastic; only a being with intrinsic life could conceive it. It was a thought of creation to fill the black, empty void.  It was a thought of love overflowing.  It was a thought of expansion of self. This was not a self-serving thought. Certainly not! It was a thought serving. It was a grace filled thought of creation.