It’s 2016. Time once again for all those resolutions and promises to ourselves that we just can’t keep. Life is just too chaotic. Sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in problems, debts or addictions. Like back pain or arthritis, we end up just trying to manage the symptoms of our problems because it’s all we know to do. So we prioritize and store the rest away until a later time. “Then,” we think, “I’ll deal with this other stuff once I get this stuff cleared away.” Only we never get to the other “stuff;” we just pile on  more.

Here’s an idea, instead of storing stuff, why don’t we give it away? Jesus is a master at “stuff.” Genesis 1:1-2 says,

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Notice that two .things are present: 1. water 2. The Spirit. When Jesus formed the world, He started with “stuff.” He organized the water and the land (V.9). In verse 16, the Hebrew word translated create in English has the connotation of appointing or setting into place.  Thus indicating God instilled order into the chaotic cosmos by positioning the sun. Look around at the world. All you see started with stuff known as water.

There was something else there as well. The Spirit was hovering over the water. It was participating, preparing for what Jesus would do with all the stuff. Only now, It does not hover. It indwells. It prepares us for what Jesus will make out of our stuff. The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church that  we are a “new  creation” (2Cor 5:17). This is new creation is made out of our “Stuff.” He doesn’t start over.

This is year make a single resolution; resolve to give Jesus your stuff. It’s easy to keep all you have to do is ask. He won’t steal it from you, but He will take it if you give it. Be amazed at what Jesus will make out of your “stuff.”